Being an author on the lookout for the perfect cover can be overwhelming, but I’m here to help you! Welcome to my site. My name is Clarissa Kezen, and I'm from Brazil. I've been designing all sorts of things for two decades now. I’ve worked in movie distribution and movie festivals for years, and recently started focusing on designing book covers.

I’m an avid reader, and have always believed there is a perfect cover for every book.

My end goal is to design high resolution, high quality, clean and modern book covers of all genres. I’m always willing to customize them to your liking, until you’re absolutely satisfied with the final design. I love collaborating with authors, and being a creative partner in designing the perfect cover for your book.

I’m starting out offering both premade and to-order custom book covers — eBook and/or print — for affordable, competitive prices. Each premade cover is unique: once sold it’s solely yours, and will be removed from sales.

Premade eBook Covers

If you're on a budget, a premade eBook cover can be the perfect solution for you. I strive to make my premade designs as high quality as any custom order, while making sure to keep the prices affordable.

Here's what you get: a one of a kind eBook cover in JPEG format, with a default size of 2000 x 3200 pixels, with a resolution of 300dpi, unless otherwise stated in the book cover page [other formats available on consult]. BOOK TITLE, AUTHOR NAME, TAGLINES and any other text you wish to add to your design are fully customizable: just send me the relevant info at checkout, or drop me an email at once you complete your purchase.

Custom Covers: eBook and Full Wrap

I can also create a 100% original high quality custom cover for you, according to your specifications, to fit your book in the most exact way possible. We'll work together every step of they way, from image selection to final design approval. I love collaborating with authors, and truly appreciate their input when making a custom cover.

You can choose between two options of custom covers:

Custom eBook Cover: $199

You'll get a one of a kind eBook cover in JPEG format, with a default size of 2000 x 3200 pixels, and a resolution of 300dpi, made to your specifications from high quality images. You can send me as much detail as you please on what you want the cover to look like, or leave it up to me to figure out the cover based on your book summary. Or anything in between: the level of involvement is up to you. Either way, I'll always look forward to your feedback!

Custom eBook Cover + Full Wrap Book Cover: starting from $249

On top of the custom eBook Cover, this option also gets you the printable PDF in high resolution, if you choose to have paperback and/or hardcover [dust jacket] copies of your book made as well. I'll design the full wrap cover of your book based on the final art of the eBook cover we create. Combo options:

•  eBook Cover + Paperback Book Cover [for Amazon KDP]: $249
•  eBook Cover + Hardcover [dust jacket for Lulu or IngramSpark]: $275
•  eBook Cover + Paperback + Hardcover: $299

If you'd like an Audiobook version of your cover to be created as well, that'll be an extra $50.


You can use the form below, or email me at to order your custom eBook, or eBook + print paperback and/or hardcover book cover. Just let me know what combo you want.

Important notice: A Paypal invoice will be sent to you pending delivery of the final artworks. Files will be sent to your email upon payment.

Special Bonus!

As a free gift with purchase, if you order a custom eBook or eBook + Full Wrap Book cover from me, I will send you some assorted 3D mockup images of your cover, so you can start promoting your book on all your social media pages promptly.

See some examples below (final images might differ from these samples, and will be delivered in high resolution):


Here are a few covers I created for books that have already been published:


Please use the form below to order custom designs, or to get in touch for any inquiries. I'll be delighted to hear from you!